Successful Subheadings

In the next few blog postings, I will discuss successful subheadings, based on an American Society for Indexing webinar given by Fred Leise on September 17, 2014.


Purposes of Subheadings

  1. Do Mi Stauber’s Second Rule: Make subheadings only for the purpose of breaking down information in the main heading.


human rights, 237-252

  • Amnesty International and, 238-239
  • emergence of concern for, 237-238
  • in Greece, 239-246
  • in Southern Rhodesia, 246-251
  • summary, 251-252


2.  Subheadings exist to disambiguate long strings of locators.  Subheadings provide a specific conceptual context so readers can more easily find the information for which they are looking.


Instead of entering:


Kennedy, John F., 22, 52, 99, 119, 146, 186, 191


Enter subheadings to clarify the long strings of locators:


Kennedy, John F.

  • flexible response strategy, 52
  • on globalization, 22
  • inaugural address, 191
  • India, food aid to, 119
  • on juvenile delinquency, 146
  • modernization program, 186
  • Peace Corps, proposal for, 99


The next few blog postings will focus on characteristics of successful subheadings and common subheading problems.  For more information about the services provided by the author of this blog, see the Stellar Searches LLC website,

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